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Alcohol gel


1) Physical and chemical characteristics:

Aspect – Colorless, clear and sediment free gel.
Taste – Bitter, disgusting.
Odor – Characteristic of alcohol.
Pharmaceutical form – Alcoholic Gel
Presentation – Colloidal Gel

2) Product specification:

Alcohol Content (w/w) ºINPM – 69,5 – 75,3
Alcohol content (v/v) ºGL – 76,9 – 81,4
Product pH (Pure) – 6,0 – 8,5
Density (g/ml/20ºC) – 0,855
Viscosity (H4-50 RPM) – >8000cps

3) Composition:

– Ethyl alcohol moisturized, Thickener, Neutralizing, Emollient, Denaturant and Water.

4) Field of application:

– 0 Gel Alcohol at 70% (w/w), has a wide range of use, and can be used for cleaning and disinfection of fixed surfaces, asepsis of hands not causing dryness in the skin because it contains glycerin and, as a lighter for barbecues, fireplaces, réchaud and spiritists.

5) Restrictions of use:

– The product is not recommended for application on alcohol sensitive surfaces.

6) Risks:

– Flammable, volatile product.
– If ingested, it causes hallucinations identical to drunkenness (Consult the product’s MSDS).
– In case of accidental ingestion, do not cause vomiting, drink plenty of water and seek medical help taking the product packaging with you.

– Beware! Never spill on the fire.

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