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(Applies to EAC, EHC and EHCP, national or imported) EAC – ANHYDROUS ETHANOL FUEL

(Destined for mixing with gasoline “A”, in the formulation of gasoline “C”) EHC – HYDRATED ETHANOL FUEL

(Destined for direct use in internal combustion engines) EHCP – HYDRATED ETHANOL FUEL PREMIUM

(With density at 20°C varying from 799.7 to 802.8 kg/m3)


1º The distributor buyer that has “ANP”, issues the firm of purchases on behalf of “Commodities Timex Group” A/C Luiz Américo Cortez Ferreira ; to the corporate email directly: [email protected]

2º We “sellers” will issue the sales contract; for signature of the buyer, and return of the signed contract.

3º We “sellers” will issue the invoice for the amount of the 1st delivery agreed in the delivery schedule(s) of the contract.

4º The buyer pays the invoice amount per “TED” directly to our “seller” bank account, and the bank details will be included in the contract.

5º Once the payment is found to be available in our company account, the electronic invoice will be issued.

6. Ethanol goes to the buyer’s tanks, with the “ICMS” credit already included in the amount paid, and according to the ICMS amount on the invoice, required for circulation in the buyer’s state of destination.

7 Ethanol is discharged into the tank(s) of destination “Distribuidora” within 48 hours of issuance of the electronic invoice.

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