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1. Name of the product:
Toasted peanuts with shell.

2. Characteristics of the product:

Parameter Value Obs.
Max. 10.0% Codex stan 200-1995
% of units with mould, rancidity or decay 0.2 % m/m max. Codex stan 200-1995
% of impurities of animal origin 0.1 % m/m max. Codex stan 200-1995
Aflatoxin B1 2 ppb Regulation 2174/2003
Aflatoxins B1+B2+G1+G2 4 ppb Regulation 2174/2003
Parameter Appreciation
Typical Aspect
Characteristic Smell
Typical Texture
Taste / taste Characteristic
Parameter Value
Caliber 9/11, 11/13, Jumbo
GMO CLASSIFICATION (Genetically Modified Organism)
This product is not and does not include GMOs

3. Phytosanitary conditions:
Product duly fumigated as required by the competent Portuguese authorities and under conditions for human consumption.

4. Raw materials and ingredients:
– Raw peanuts with peel.

5. Packaging / Packaging format:

6. Storage conditions:
Keep in a dry and cool place.

7. Transport conditions:
Transport in a dry and cool place.

8. Expiration date:
To be consumed until 1 year, after the date of packing.

9. Indications on labeling:
Name of sale; net quantity; ingredients; date of consumption; name and address of the packer; place of origin; lot number and bar code; reference to conservation.

10. Conditions of use:
Ready to consume.

11. Description of the intended use for the product:
Peanut is an allergen product that can cause severe reactions in susceptible individuals. It should not be consumed by children under 2 years of age.