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Botanical name: Zea mays everata Sturt
Taste: Typical
Odor: Odourless, no foreign odours
Color: Typical, yellow/orange – typical
Production area
Expansion: 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 46/48, Mushroom
Packing: Paper bags 20kg and 50lb and polypaper bags 20kg and 50lb
Loading: 20 feet: 25.5 metric tonnes with 20/25kg bags or 24 metric tonnes loading
Purity: 99.5% min
Foreign bodies: 0.50% max
Explosion: 98% min
Moisture: 15.0% max / 12.0 % min
Broken/Damaged: 1.00% max
Insect damage: 1.00% max
Discolored: 0.30% max
Undersize 5mm: 2.50% max
Live insects: Free
Total Defects: 3.5-4.5% max (Deppending on expansión)
Free from live weevils and practically free from dead weevils.

3. Phytosanitary Conditions
Product duly fumigated as required by the competent Portuguese authorities and in conditions for human consumption.

4. Raw materials and ingredients:
– Not applicable.

6. Storage conditions:
Keep in a dry and cool place.

7. Transport conditions:
Transport in closed or covered truck, properly cleaned and not subjecting the product to extreme conditions of temperature and humidity.

8. Expiration date:
3 years.

9. Indications on labelling: